Google Panda Update: Things To Know

It goes without saying that the search engine is very dynamic and is constantly being adapted in one way or another. Only in rare cases does everyone notice anything at all. Google upgraded their search engine in the past by making some algorithm changes and inducting AI and called it Panda update. This update makes sure that the result Google offers to its visitor is more accurate in terms of content. The readers find the best information available on the internet. This update makes Google able to distinguish between Good Content and Bad content.

When Google Panda was launched several website users complained that their website visitors reduced drastically, the very reason behind this is the content farm. Google panda specifically assign a quality classification to each internal webpage and consider their content as per human quality ratings, and added it as a parameter as a ranking factor. Searching for the best content for your website. Get content writing services from Atechnocrat.

Google Panda was released in the year 2011 due to the degrading quality of Google search results. Due to the rise of the content farm, business becomes really tough for website owners. The main purpose of the Google Panda update is to determine which content is readable and must be presented to the online user for search terms. The update is designed in such a manner that it reduced the ranking of the low-quality content website which is of no use to the users. Plagiarism content sites are the first to get penalized from this update.

Good content, bad content

Inferior content is defined as that which is used exclusively for link farming and which is clearly visible to Google search robots or which can never be described as objectively editorial. It is no secret that article directories, link farms, and pure link exchange sites are full of such content and Panda is the first attempt by Google to downgrade such sites in the index. With the Google Panda Update, the search engine recognizes inferior content and classifies the relevant pages, the result: less indexing, poorer Google rankings for websites with inferior editorial content.

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