Best Way To Protect Furniture During Relocation

If you are planning to relocate then definitely you have a plan and schedule for it. Either you would be hiring some professionals or you are doing it yourself. One thing you must be worried about is the furniture movement. Most of the time when you decide to move the very first thing you need to do is to list out the items you will be moving.

Afterward set aside those items which are delicate and need special attention during the move. Wooden furniture is not a delicate item but is prone to damage due to heavyweight and large size. If you forget to maintain proper precaution then wood furniture can get gouged, or can even break. Some furniture may have glass fitting which needs to be properly packed before the move.

If you are planning to do the move on your own then we have a few tips for easy packing and safe moving. But if you are wishing for professional help then let us recommend California Movers for the relocation process.

Let’s now check out those special tips for packing furniture with ease for safe moving.

Obtain all important packing supplies

If you are moving on your own then the first thing you need to do is to gather essential items which are needed for the packing of furniture. You can get these packing items in any of the hardware stores. Those essential items are

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Covers for mattress
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Sealed plastic bag
  • Cardboard sheets

Prepare Furniture for Packing

Prepare your furniture for packing by cleaning them before putting sheets and wrap over it. Because you don’t want to carry the dust from old home to new home. Wipe all the dust from handles, knobs, and mattresses.

Dismantle Furniture Prior To Move

It’s best to dismantle the furniture during the move because it gets easy to move when their furniture’s are parted away into pieces. Even in the handling, it becomes easy. Because large furniture is always troubling to move. Use the manual to dismantle the furniture because you don’t want to lose any pieces and have crooked furniture in your new home.

Learn the way of wrapping correctly

Once you have dismantled the furniture the next step is to wrap it properly. Watch some online videos or tutorial videos to understand how to wrap the furniture properly. Try to give enough cushions while packing because even a single struck can damage the looks of the furniture. Mark the boxes up and down so that while placing your items don’t get damaged.

Have a proper placement plan

If you plan in advance the placing areas of the furniture in the new home then it will definitely make your relocation easy. As the need of moving, again and again, will be eliminated as you pick the furniture from the truck and place it in the exact spot you have marked earlier.